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Dialog value added services and self-service apps are available including SMS and USSD apps as well, making allapps a one stop shop for all the local app needs for Dialog as well as Hutch customers.

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Now you can try unlimited number of games on your mobile for a weekly subscription!*T&C applicable

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Allapps.lk contains apps created by Sri Lanka’s largest developer community mainly comprising of university students and subscribing to some of the apps may help with their studies
Go with the trend
Allapps comes with demos, descriptions and allows you to search efficiently. The platform enables you to select from Free apps, Top rated apps, Newly added apps and Most used apps so you will never miss out on whats trending and increase your search efficiency.
Shop all the local apps from one shop!
Now you can go international!
This is a new service that has been introduced to the Dialog customers where, Opera mobile store will be the international app store while the www.allapps.lk will be termed as “local Apps store” as it caters to local apps developments ecosystem. Visiting allapps.mobi will help you to choose your app store and as required. Visit the international app store T&C for more information on this regard. This page is optimized for mobile and may not load properly on PC.